For $0.99 You Can Be the Most Popular Person at Work

A big bang for just a buck

Keith Dias


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Shmoozing with the boss

I typed away, alone at my computer, while the sounds of laughter floated through the air, clearly originating from Joe’s cubicle two positions to my right. He was with our boss, and they seemed to be having a good time.

“What are your plans for the weekend?”, the executive jovially asked of my cubicle colleague.

They spent the next few minutes chatting about family, and about barbecues. I wondered how Joe got to be so skilled at schmoozing with the decision-makers in our company, while I sometimes struggled to get a simple email response.

5-minute smoke breaks and 5-hour rounds of golf

Whether it’s with the boss or just the accountants on the 3rd floor, there are some time-tested methods to build friendships at work. It’s no secret, for example, that many alliances are made over 5-minute smoke breaks and 5-hour rounds of golf.

“You should take up golf”, my mother would often say. “That’s how you get ahead”.

She was probably right. But Joe didn’t play golf either, and he wasn’t a smoker. So how come he was so popular?

One afternoon, after hearing the happy sounds of yet another visitor that dropped by his desk for a quick chat, I decided to walk over and see what exactly was so exciting about talking to Joe.

How to be more popular at work for a buck

The first thing I noticed was that Joe had a chair available for guests. I quickly took a seat, and Joe welcomed me with a big smile.

“How do you do it?”, I blurted out, not wasting any time.

Joe just laughed. “Do what?”, he replied.

“Why does everyone stop by your desk to chat?”, I clarified.

Joe thought for a moment, and then he glanced over at the bowl at the top right-hand side of his desk.



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