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A surprisingly simple FBI tactic to keep a conversation going

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Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

“Two words: deaf chick. It doesn’t matter if I can’t talk ‘cause she can’t hear me.” — Raj Koothrappali explaining the type of girl that might be attracted to him

You probably remember the character Raj Koothrappali from the hit sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”. He was the brilliant astrophysicist who was also brutally awkward with girls.

Poor Raj had a tough time in the dating world because he was so nervous in the company of a female that he couldn’t utter a complete sentence. …

A writer questions where and how we came to accept black and white as descriptions for skin color instead of, say, brown, tan, or pink

A group of African American women wearing various white outfits and posing in front of a painted wall mural.
A group of African American women wearing various white outfits and posing in front of a painted wall mural.
Photo: Clarke Sanders/Unsplash

At about 9:30 a.m., I turned away from my laptop, leaned back in my swivel chair, pulled down my mask, and took a sip of the piping hot black coffee that was just delivered to my desk. I could see that everyone else in the office was doing the same.

We all spun around in our chairs and kind of wheeled ourselves into position so that we were more or less facing each other. This little impromptu meeting of colleagues happens every day. We call it Coffee Club.

At Coffee Club, we don’t talk about work. On that day, the…

The First Lady’s comic book struggles to find herself

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Photo Source: Twitter

On the evening of July 18th, 2016, when now First Lady Melania Trump was introduced to the world at the Republican National Convention, she delivered a speech that many have claimed was plagiarized from Michelle Obama’s 2008 Democratic National Convention speech.

Once the gaffe was identified in the media the next day, there was at first a denial from her husband Donald Trump’s campaign team, and then there was an admission of guilt. It wasn’t her fault, some had said. It was the speechwriter.

They asked the public to believe that she was the victim, not the perpetrator of this…

An effective way to get back on track when you lose your way

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Photo By Rido

My friend Sandra has gained 43 pounds since the start of the Pandemic. Prior to March, she had been going to the gym regularly and eating well.

After the gyms were shut down, Sandra’s habits took a turn for the worse. She never really got into a routine of exercising at home, and her diet also went progressively downhill.

Nowadays, her gym has reopened but they only allow a limited number of people in at one time.

Yesterday, she tried to book an appointment online but the slots were all full. Sandra drove down to the gym, and waited in…

Why we should all just drop the conspiracy nonsense

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Collage by Author: All images Are Royalty-Free From Wikimedia Commons

A few days ago I stumbled upon a recent Britney Spears’ Instagram post. Looking noticeably older, in short shorts and a sports bra, with mascara smeared below her eyelids, Spears is seen freestyling for the camera.

“Does anyone else feel awkward or uncomfortable watching this?”, says one Britney follower named ‘bottled_dream’.

The comment currently has close to 15,000 ‘likes’.

“Yes”, I thought. By itself, it is definitely an awkward performance. But I can’t put my finger on exactly why.

Is it those wild hand gestures? Is it her homemade hair and make-up? Is it the close-up camera angles? Is it…

A short Valentine’s Day love story

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Violet and Vincent Dias

One wintery Calgary morning in the mid-1990s, my 80-year-old grandmother Violet went for a walk to the Marlborough shopping mall across the street from her 2-story townhouse, and then promptly disappeared.

Though she was deaf, Violet was known to be independent, and confident. Nonetheless, when lunchtime came around, and my grandfather Vincent realized that his wife was late returning home, there was cause for concern.

The light snowfall outside their bay window had transformed into a full-blown blizzard, and within a few hours, visibility outside was almost nil.

Vincent paced inside, constantly searching the depths of the window for any…

But your grandmother can’t

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OJ gets juiced

Far be it from me to defend NFL Hall of Famer O.J. Simpson. I’m in the group of people that believe he actually killed his ex-wife Nicole Brown-Simpson, as well as her acquaintance Ron Goldman, on that fateful June 12th night in 1994.

Back then, I remember there being two distinct groups of people: those who believed Simpson was a murderer, and those who believed he had been framed. In some way, it reminds me of the great social divide we’re seeing these days between people who believe the 2020 U.S. …

The simple key to effortless success on February 14th

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Photo by fcscafeine

Many years ago I set up an elaborate Valentine’s Day surprise for my new girlfriend, based on an incredible idea I stole from an episode of the classic TV game show “The Love Connection”.

One of the contestants on that show recounted to Chuck Woolery, the host, how he had invited a girl to his house for dinner and had enlisted his best friend to act as a waiter for the evening.

I thought, at the time, that this was a brilliant and unusual idea, and since I desperately wanted to impress my new girlfriend, I decided to copy it.

Sometimes a child has to learn to fly for themselves.

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Looking for treats

At the back of our fridge, behind the milk and the yogurt, but still in plain view, inside a fragile-looking glass jar, were about 10 delicious looking, multi-colored macaroons.

And my 5-year old daughter was obsessing over them.

She had been talking about them all throughout dinner, and I agreed to let her have a few if, and only if, she finished the 3 large pieces of grilled cauliflower that were getting cold on her plate. She did, eventually, but not without a lot of complaining.

After she gobbled down the last bit of cauliflower, she opened her mouth to…

A lesson about over-reactions, from Seinfeld, Friends and The Crown

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Photo by Highwaystarz-Photography

“She eats her peas one at a time”- Jerry Seinfeld explaining the reason he broke up with his girlfriend

What a nightmare it must have been to date Jerry Seinfeld. On the hit TV series “Seinfeld”, the ultra-picky main character couldn’t tolerate the slightest idiosyncrasies in his girlfriends.

He’d ditch you if you finished his sentences. He’d ghost you if you insulted the owner of his favorite soup shop. He’d dump you if you had large hands.

Many of us can be fussy when picking a partner, but Jerry took fussiness to a completely different level. …

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