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Rethinking the deadly choice of the “Falling Man”

“The Falling Man”, taken September 11, 2001, shows a man falling from the Twin Towers in NYC during the terrorist attacks/Photo Credit: Richard Drew/AP

A question about death

On this 20th anniversary of the devastating terrorist attacks that took place at The World Trade Center in New York City, I want to draw your attention to the very small group of individuals who chose to fall from the buildings, instead of staying inside.

Of the 2606 victims that…

A surprisingly simple FBI tactic to keep a conversation going

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

The Koothrappali conundrum

“Two words: deaf chick. It doesn’t matter if I can’t talk ‘cause she can’t hear me.” — Raj Koothrappali explaining the type of girl that might be attracted to him

You probably remember the character Raj Koothrappali from the hit sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”. …

The First Lady’s comic book struggles to find herself

Photo Source: Twitter

Bizarro Michelle Obama

On the evening of July 18th, 2016, when now First Lady Melania Trump was introduced to the world at the Republican National Convention, she delivered a speech that many have claimed was plagiarized from Michelle Obama’s 2008 Democratic National Convention speech.

Once the gaffe was identified in the media the…

A quick story about the importance of spelling

Photo via

A fishy boss

In life, spelling is important. Grammar is important.

A 2015 survey of employers in the UK found that 37% of employers were dissatisfied with standards of literacy and the use of English among university graduates.

But what about the employers themselves?

Used well, proper spelling and grammar allow a writer…

The new Disney Plus Christmas film is like “Squid Games” for wealthy families

Archie Yates in “Home Sweet Home Alone.” Credit: Disney+/20th Century Studios

Class warfare

It wasn't long into “Home Sweet Home Alone”, a new sequel to the beloved 1980’s John Hughes Christmas classic “Home Alone”, before I noticed a massive flaw with the film.

It’s the type of flaw where you think to yourself ‘how is it possible that the filmmakers didn’t catch this?’

The secret behind the Fox News talk show host’s joke about ‘You’

Screen Capture via Youtube

Admit it. She fooled you, didn’t she?

If you were one of the 22 million people who caught Fox News talk show host Laura Ingraham’s latest viral video clip on Youtube, there’s a good chance you believed her performance was real.

It wasn’t.

On Tuesday, November 16th, the star of…

How the Fox News host hypnotizes half the country

Screen Captures via Youtube/Collage by Author

A wolf in sheep’s clothing

One comforting thing about Freddy Krueger, the murderous ghoul from the Nightmare on Elm Street horror movies, is that he looks every bit as scary as he should.

His face is scarred from burns, his green and red striped shirt is charred and ripped. His teeth are yellow and sharp…

Part 3 of a 3-part-series

The prime suspect in Gabby Petito’s murder left a lot of clues and evidence behind

Photos via Instagram, Youtube & Twitter/Collage by Author

Without a trace?

When Brian Laundrie disappeared into thin air on September 14th, he left behind his cellphone and his wallet.

As a result, the police couldn’t trace his calls. And they couldn’t track him using his credit cards and identification.

Laundrie, of course, was the prime suspect in the murder of his…

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